Win Clicks and Influence People

In the digital age, clicks can make the difference between a successful business and failure.

The fundamental cornerstones of success are the same as they have always been: excellent customer service, a knowledgeable staff, return business, and positive word-of-mouth. But today, there is a new factor that drives commerce—digital services.

Website traffic isn’t all that matters, but it does matter. Even if a real estate firm provides quality customer care, it’s hard to compete without an online presence.

At the same time, integrating a successful brick-and-mortar real estate business into the digital community can be confusing and scary.

Here are some key terms and a few tips that will help you as you make the transition.

Digital Services

“Digital services” is an umbrella term that describes a large number of programs, applications, and processes that take place online. Basically, these are many aspects of business that allow customers to engage with your brand through digital media.

They can include anything from websites, search engine optimization, blogs, social media presence, or apps.

The goals of providing digital services are:

  • To create a stronger connection between your business and your customers
  • Make doing business easier for your customers and employees
  • Increase the visibility of your business

Digital services are indispensable in today’s market, but often the process of incorporating them can be overwhelming. Going digital requires expertise in what online customers want and how to meet their needs.

Digital media companies that specialize in online services for real estate businesses have the know-how and experience to make the shift easier. Hiring experts is more effective and less stressful than trying to do it yourself.


Apps are everywhere. You probably use them every day. So do your customers.

American consumers have gotten used to having programs on their digital devices to make the ordinary tasks of life easier.

This is the same whether someone is buying new shoes or a new house. They want it to be as easy as possible.

For real estate, apps can make the intimidating process of buying a home less confusing.

Among other things, real estate apps can:

  • Provide information about clients that enable you to better meet their needs
  • Organize your various contacts and obligations
  • Eliminate paper-based transactions through digital signatures
  • Create one-click expense reports
  • Show local real estate prices and transactions
  • Manage social media
  • Create and share virtual home tours
  • Make listings accessible and keep them up-to-date

Best of all, you don’t have to be a tech whiz to make the most of these useful programs. With the right digital team behind you, taking advantage of today’s online services can be effortless.

Both your team and your customers will enjoy the technological options available to today’s real estate professionals.


Blogs are like online journals or newsletters. They can range in tone and content. Some are fun, some are formal. Some are informative, some are entertaining.

No matter what approach your blog takes, it is a way to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

The benefits of having a blog for your real estate business include:

  • Increased feeling of connection between clients and agents
  • Providing a clear vision of your business goals and ethics
  • Defining your professional approach

Bringing new customers with interesting content

Keeping existing customers around with fresh, informative articles

Improved name recognition through social media sharing

Blogs are a way to let customers know that your business is dynamic and engaged with your industry. They show that you are actively involved in improving your services. They also convey the feeling to customers that you care about them, both before and after you have their business. The more connected customers feel to your business, the more likely they are to return to you or recommend you to those around them.

In a business where word-of-mouth drives success, a blog is an ultimate resource for sharing your ideas with new and existing customers. If you do it right, your customers will share your blog posts for you. This equals free advertising and personal endorsements for your business.

Integrated Marketing

For many real estate agents, the world of digital marketing seems like a break with the past. Your time and money have gone into advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and even bus benches. You’ve worked hard to get your name out there and to create positive associations with your brand.

Switching to online marketing can feel like you’re making a brand-new start. But with the right digital marketing team, it doesn’t have to be like that.

The best way to transition from traditional to digital marketing involves a smooth integration of the two. It’s possible to establish continuity between your online messaging and your real-world messaging.

Integrated marketing creates several advantages for a real estate team:

  • Deliver a consistent message to your customers
  • Don’t lose the credibility you’ve built up within the community
  • Parlay your real-world reputation into your online presence
  • Capture new customers while preserving your existing clientele

It’s important to keep up with the times, but that doesn’t mean abandoning the marketing work you have been doing over the years. An effective digital marketing team will understand that they are part of a continuum of messaging, rather than starting with a blank slate.

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