7 Amazing Fundraising Tools You NEED Today!

2021 Non-Profit Fundraising Tools

As the dust settles and we begin to further understand the new tax laws in effect for 2020, it is important to adapt your NPO’s Fundraising Strategies for 2021.

To combat this, we think it is important to find new ways to Break Through The Noise and reach your donor base. As such we’ve compiled a list of unique tools to do exactly that. This is not intended to be a fix-all nor do we claim to be all-knowing, but give these a whirl and tell us what you think!

So let’s cut to the chase and get to the list. 

  • DonorBox – Free to start, collect donations on beautiful donation forms with pre-built themes, collect recurring donations easily, accepts apple and Google pay, Paypal, and direct ACH as well as standard Credit, and integrates with everything.

Takeaway: Setup donations forms easily in a way that works effectively.

  • Txt2Give – A personal favorite. Create text message campaigns to engage and re-engage with your donors. Take donations from anyone, anywhere. $25 a month is the cost to get started and grows based on # of texts and donations. Try it once and see what it does for you!

Takeaway: Everyone texts – now raise money using it in an easy to use, NPO optimized platform.


  • Exact Ask – Predictive Analytics made easy for NPO’s. Exact Ask helps you identify donors individual needs and willingness based on data you already have. The tool guides you with what to ask from each donor and through what channel they are most likely to donate. Upload your data and the predictive analytics does the rest.

Takeaway: To bridge the gap, build trust, and grow the pie you MUST personalize your fundraising efforts. Exact Ask helps you do just that by using customer data you already have to predict how much and when they will donate next.


  • Chat Fuel – Create Facebook Messenger Bots without code. Using the drag-and-drop style builder you can open a new channel of communication with your donors. Facebook Messenger has 4x the open rate of Email and now with Chat Fuel, you won’t have to staff someone on Facebook all day. Program automatic follow up, word triggers such as “donate”, and unique messaging for your Facebook donors. Oh, and it is free.

Takeaway: Engage in a new way. With Chatbots on Facebook you will suprise your donors about your technological advances while still being personal and effective. Create campaigns with ease with Cat Fuel.


  • Facebook for NPO’s – Okay okay, you probably use Facebook, but it made the list because it is evolving all the time and it is so powerful if used correctly. Facebook Ads can be used to target folks based on net worth, interest, and even past donors. Facebook for NPO’s adds new tools such as the ability to inspire people to run birthday Fundraisers on behalf of your organization. This is a great way to widen your base and engage with new audiences.

Takeaway: Use custom audiences to re-engage your existing donors and utalize Fundraisers to widen your base.


  • Proposify – Major gifts programs are more important than ever in 2018. Once you get some interest from the right people, it’s time to create a personalized proposal outlining options, aligning goals, and make your ask. Proposify offers templates to make this easy and allow you to build snippets for future use. It makes creating a custom proposal simple. Better yet, it will track when the recipient opens the proposal, how long they spent reading it, and even what they spend the most time reading. Finally, sporting e-signatures it really is an ideal proposal solution for your major gifts program.

Takeaway: Impress your Major Donors with professional, customized proposals and increase your win percentage with easy to understand tracking.


  • Razoo – The CRM you have been waiting for. Custom built for NPO’s, this tool tracks all donor data, website visitors, volunteers, vendors, and more. It helps you build personas to create donor pathways that bring in more. With online fundraising tools, it can also replace some of your other premium software solutions and reduce your overhead.

Takeaway: You need a CRM to keep track of your growing donor base. This one makes it easy and helps grow the pie. Plus, there is a free version!



To raise as much as last year, and even more so to grow, you have to invest in new, more sophisticated fundraising strategies. If you don’t, other’s will reap the benefits for you.

What are your 2018 Fundraising Goals and Strategies? Comment below about this or how any of these suggestions worked out for you!