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Unlike other website builders that stop when they hand over your new site, we have the capabilities to meet all of your multi-channel marketing needs. As a leading marketing agency in Rochester, NY with ample industry experience, we have been able to build long-term business partnerships.

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Exclusive Leads

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You Own the Data

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Lower Cost-Per-Client

Lead Gen That Works

We model our kicks-ass program after marketing giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

We take massive amounts of data, and filter out the irrelevant factors and researchers. What is left of this data are prospects, in your service area, who are actively seeking a solution that you can provide. This data and methodology are not new, but no one else has applied it to the roofing industry.

Results Guaranteed

Our promise is simple, if your program is not performing to the deliverables that we’ve agreed on, WE WILL PAY UNTIL IT DOES!

With campaigns running successfully nationwide, we have been able to establish benchmarks and expected performance data. This data allows us to set a baseline, minimum expectation in terms of leads, costs, and conversion rate. Armed with this knowledge and research, we have the UNIQUE ability to GUARANTEE the number of leads that you’ll get each month from us.

Only Pay for Quality Leads

We know that every business is different. Utilizing the same marketing strategies for all of them is not only marketing malpractice, it’s a waste of our time, and your money. Optimizing your website for search engines is necessary in order to maintain long term visibility, but will not make your phone ring this week, or even this month. We have listened to our clients and prospects, and they have told us: We want a marketing program that sends us qualified leads.

Growth for Any SIze Business

Whether you’re just starting out, or have a multi-market business generating $10M a year, we got enough leads to fill your calendar. At the end of the day, we are responsible to generate YOU leads, and we do it all from soup to nuts without you needing to get involved in the nutty gritty. You’ll be able to login to see your new leads and reach out directly to prospects. What do you got to lose?

Data Driven

We have the UNIQUE ability to GUARANTEE the number of leads you’ll get each month while on our program. We do all of the work to find prospects, identify their buying intent, collect their information, and inform them that you will be reaching out to them. All that we ask of you is that you turn them from new roof shoppers to new roof owners. We set ’em up, you knock ’em down. What do you have to lose?