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Our Commitment

Early in our history here at Site Hub, we realized that many business owners had little appreciation for their website. They believed that because it wasn’t working for them currently, that it was debunked – like as if the Internet was going to disappear. We saw plenty of terrible sites, even some built by so-called professionals, and they all had one thing in common. They didn’t serve their purpose. They didn’t convert, tell the story, interact, they really didn’t do anything.


That is why the concept of SmartSites was created by us . Rather than arguing about design preferences, or what shade of green to make the checkout buttons, we created a quantifiable list of features that every great website should have. All of this focused around the user:


Useful – Does it fulfill a purpose?

Usable – Is it easy to operate?

Findable – Can it be easily discovered?

Accessible – On all platforms, by all people?

Desireable – Do people want it?


All of this meant that we created value for the user. Our cohesive marketing services are bound to change the way your brand image is perceived. As a leading SmartSites marketing agency, we have successfully retained most of our clients. All of this meant that we created value for the user.

Challenge & Commitment
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Smart(er) Websites

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Our Manifesto: When your business gains a SMARTSite, it will immediately start to earn the respect and attention of your potential customers. They will quickly recognize a presence that works seamlessly for them in delivering an effective customer experience. Similarly, you will be sure that it’s working for you by providing effective results.


People are searching for your business – most don’t know that you are the answer to their needs, wants or problems. The key is to make sure they find you before anyone else. A SMARTSite understands your audience, how best to influence them in your direction, and then to offers an enjoyable experience that encourages them to spend their money and time with you.