What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is an ultra-modern way of targeted advertising. It uses the physical location of an IP address to identify potential customers. We focus on specific buildings, neighborhoods, or event locations to expose your business to an ideal market.


Nailing down your target audience is the key to a successful geofencing campaign. We are industry leaders at demographic targeting.


Geofencing will get your ad in front of your audience. Then, our captivating, creative content will convince them to do business with you.

Media Buying

We negotiate the best deals for ads on sites that your ideal audience will be sure to visit.


No more wondering what’s going on with your marketing. Our concise, reliable reporting keeps you up to date on every move we make with no unnecessary fluff.

Further Reading

Ever wanted to put up a billboard next to a business you want to work with? Account-level marketing is now possible with geofencing. By placing a virtual fence around a real-world area, we can make your advertising campaign more finely-tuned than it’s ever been before. We identify the market whose attention we want to grab, then our precise method ensures they’re exposed to your marketing message.

You can target an event that matches your brand, like a concert, party, or festival. Or send an ad to everyone who walks past your store. You could target students on a college campus or workers on a business campus. You can even geofence competitors locations to attract their customers away and bring them to you.

Websites like Facebook already offer geofencing, but their geographic range is much less precise than ours. With Site Hub geofencing services, you can get all the great benefits of geofencing on your own terms, with a narrower focus than ever before. The only limit is your imagination.

Once we make contact, we convert their clicks into sales and leads using our engaging content and precise funnelling methods. Each of our advertisements is tailor-made to appeal to your specific audience. Geofencing brings them to your site and our amazing marketing keeps them there.


  • Data Analysis
    We figure out where your potential customers are going to be, when, and what kind of content they prefer. That way, we know exactly how to target them.
  • Creating a Strategy
    Once we know who your audience is, we can capture their attention with campaigns in various specific locations.
  • Audience Targeting
    We use GPS locations to target audiences in a physical space as small or as large as you want, anywhere you want.
  • Optimization
    We are constantly assessing and adapting our approach based on our analysis of your campaign. We make the adjustments necessary to keep your customer base growing.
  • Reporting
    You will always know how your marketing is going with our regular, clear reporting on our progress.


  • Precision Geographical Focus
  • Capture a New Audience
  • Grab Audience’s Attention
  • Get Click-Throughs
  • Productive Targeting


  • More Event-Based Sales
  • New Leads and Improved Sales
  • Better ROI
  • Fewer Wasted Ads
  • Brand Awareness


Up To 10 Keywords

Starter Package, Low Competition Keywords
  • Start Competing On Google
  • Track Calls, Leads, Sales
  • Starting At $450 / Month

Up To 25 Keywords

More Competitive Keywords, Regional Focus
  • Push Your SEO Plan Further
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  • Crush The Competition
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