Google Ads

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are the ads that appear at the top of Google searches. They work on an auction system. The bidding occurs in the moment that a user enters a search term into Google. Winning the ad auctions requires you to have a high quality score as well as a winning bid.

Keyword Research

This ongoing service helps us choose the right keywords that will result in conversions. Then, we make winning bids on ads targeting them.

Campaign Creation

We will come up with a plan for your Google advertising campaign with clear timelines, defined goals, and a long-term vision.

Campaign Optimization

Google Ad campaigns work best when they’re ongoing, so we continually adjust and adapt our efforts based on where the customers are.


Just getting the information and metrics isn’t enough. We’ll provide actionable insights and executive reports that can be shared with all stakeholders without explanation.

Further Reading

Google Ads campaigns give businesses a way to make an immediate impact on potential customers. The payoff is almost instantaneous, and it only gets greater with time. Google Ads are designed to capture what is called a “warm market,” meaning that you’ll capture customers that are already looking for the goods or services you sell. They want it, you have it, and we put you guys together.

The way we do it is a mixture of art and science. Elements of the process come down to long experience with Google Ads, while others require us to be creative and try new things. A successful Google Ads campaign is an ongoing process, not a one-time thing. With our vision for your campaign, your business can reap the rewards immediately and for a long time to come.

It may seem at first like something you could do yourself. But, the reality is that if you are managing Google Ads yourself, you are probably spending more money than you need to. We can bring so much additional value to your Google Ads campaign that they end up paying for themselves.

With more than four million advertisers on Google, the system is big and confusing. It’s hard to get your voice heard. Getting the right placement for your Google Ads campaign involves understanding exactly where your target audience is. Successfully getting a page one search result takes talent, skill, and vision– but the ROI makes the effort worth it.


  • Audience Targeting:
    We research your field, how your target customers behave, and how your competition is finding customers. Combining insights from all these, we are able to get your ad in front of them at the perfect time.
  • Campaign Optimization:
    Google Ads never stays still. Because it is so dynamic, our approach has to be flexible, too. We have to stay on top of the rapid changes in the way your potential customers engage online. Then, once we find them, we have to win a bid to have your ad appear before them. All this work takes special attention, but the results pay for themselves.
  • Increase Sales and ROI:
    Warm markets offer the perfect opportunity to quickly convert ads into sales. Google is the ultimate warm market as the targets have already searched for your particular type of product or service. Our research and bidding process ensure that the second a curious shopper clicks search, your ad is the first thing they see.


  • Identify Keywords
  • Pinpoint Audience
  • Target Warm Markets
  • Assess Competitors’ SEO
  • Create Campaign Roadmap
  • Win More Bids for Page One Ads


  • Higher Google Search Ranking
  • Improved Visibility
  • Better ROI
  • More Click Throughs
  • New Sales and Leads
  • Stand Out Among Competition

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