A Quick Note on Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate and How Do You Analyze It?

The bounce rate reveals the percentage of visitors who depart your website without any interaction. This statistic has a major impact on sales and may also affect your visibility in Google search results.


You can automatically calculate this number by using Google Analytics. This service will allow you to see average bounce rates by gender, age, browser type, etc. You may check the percentage for a specific page as well so as if to measure your top performing page.


A user interacts with a website when he or she clicks a link to view another page. Google Analytics offers the option to change the definition of an interaction. For instance, you could decide that visitors qualify if they scroll to the bottom of a page.


When you analyze these statistics, remember that average figures vary depending on the industry, target audience and type of content. Nonetheless, it’s often a positive sign if fewer than 55 percent of your users “bounce.”