6 Reasons SEO is Super Important

Any switched-on marketing professional should know their stuff about search engine optimization (SEO) by now. Although most successful companies have been using SEO for a while, not all managers and business leaders understand just how important it is.


For anyone looking to brush up on their SEO knowledge, we’ve put together a helpful list of reasons that explain why it is such an important tool for your business:


1. Most Website Traffic Comes From Organic Search Results


Organic search results make a big difference to a company website’s overall performance. Organic search results are visits to your website that come from a user’s web search rather than from .


The best way to get more organic search results is by tweaking the design of your website to boost SEO. It can push your company up the rankings of search engines like Google and could help improve your overall conversion and engagement rates. That means more business for you.


2. Good SEO Can Make Users’ Online Experiences Better


Getting good organic rankings is one of the main reasons people get into SEO. But there are other benefits you may not know about. Optimizing users’ experiences is an important part of achieving your business’s goals, and good SEO can help you do that.


Google’s algorithms have learned to favor websites according to how easy they are to navigate and how pleasant they are to use. If customers are unable to find what they want from a website quickly and easily, businesses can expect their traffic numbers to fall. This can then affect conversion rates and overall turnover. As a general rule, web developers and marketing professionals should try to organize content so that it can be reached in as few clicks as possible.


3. Practicing SEO Helps Build Trust With Customers


The better a website’s SEO, the easier it will be to find. What’s more, an easily discoverable website will attract the trust of potential customers. The earlier your website comes up in the Google rankings, the more likely a user is to believe that you are a reliable business. To achieve an authoritative brand, make your website one that users will keep coming back to. Try coming up with content that your customer base will love and continually engage with.


Coming up with a competitive brand takes a lot of time and effort. It requires a combination of high-quality content, cutting-edge products and services, stylish branding, and effective customer engagement. If you put forth the effort to make your website top-of-the-line, customers will respond with their loyalty. Spend time engaging with your customer base and getting to know them. Soon, you will be well on your way to achieving impressive growth.


4. SEO Can Be Great for Encouraging Online Window Shoppers


From a customer perspective, one of the biggest perks of the web is that it can be used by people who like to do online ‘window shopping.’ This is where SEO comes in. Pushing your business up the search engine rankings will mean that these customers come across your items and services before those of rival brands. If they see something they like while browsing through your site, they may be encouraged to visit a physical store or make on online purchase further down the line.


5. SEO Is Cheaper Than Other Digital Marketing Methods


SEO costs money because it requires employees to spend time optimizing your website, updating content and looking into trending keywords. Overall, however, it is cheaper than methods such as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and, generally speaking, the payoff will be much greater.


SEO is a better investment than one-off advertisements because sophisticated SEO will remain effective for a number of years. You will continue to reap the benefits of SEO in a way that will more than justify the work and money you put into it.


6. SEO Can Make You More Business-Savvy


Understanding SEO means getting to grips with the ways in which the internet continues to change. Knowing all of the latest web tactics being used by competitors, for example, is a great way to ensure that you avoid falling behind in a tough market.


SEO gives you great insight into your industry, its trends, and where it’s headed. SEO unearths a gold mine of information that can help you grow and improve your business. With detailed search engine optimization results, you can be sure to stay on the cutting edge of your field.