Use the Right Words Once

First impressions are crucial. Using poorly worded content can butcher an otherwise engaging and attractive campaign.

“Cooler and Warmer”, is the tagline that failed to become the new state slogan for Rhode Island.  Social media ripped apart the oxymoron, creating their own cheeky idioms to mock the campaign.

Rhode Island didn’t skimp out when it came to hiring a reputable artist for the fruitless campaign. They chose Milton Glaser, the iconic graphic designer who penned and designed the “I Love New York” slogan and logo. Unfortunately, Rhode Island’s graphic and catchphrase did not generate the same positive notoriety.

Glaser claimed that the tagline was socially destroyed before the public got a chance to interpret the meaning. His message was intended to promote “warmer” friendliness, and “cooler” activities.

In marketing, you rarely get a chance to explain a concept to a viewer. Reader’s glance over facebook posts, or catch a glimpse of billboard advertising.  If your message isn’t clearly conveyed right away, it’s not an effective effort.

Ways to To Improve Your Content

1. Reach Out to Social Media First

  • If you are between a few different ideas for content or a concept, reach out to your facebook followers for a vote.  Those who liked your page will likely have an opinion on your industry.

2. Employ a Five Second Test

  • Usability Hub features a flash review test to assess potential viewer impressions. Check your marketing materials in a few seconds.

3. Use a Headline Analyzer

  • Plug in your prospective headline into CoSchedule’s analyzer.  You will receive a quick report on how powerful your title is.

4. Prevent Grammar Snobbery

  • It’s easy to lose credibility in your content over a few misplaced commas. Install grammarly on your browser to check your work.

5. Clarify Bulky Content

  • Use the Hemingway app to clean up cluttered content into aconcise piece.  This web editor will outline where your writing isn’t clear or over complicated.