Reciprocity and Success at Site Hub: 2022 In Review

Every single one of us at Site Hub is committed to learning and honing our skills, shaping them to align with the needs of our clients. 2022 was a year of growth, resilience, and success. We celebrated some pretty major milestones – ten years in the business and won some very exciting awards. We won some contracts we were hoping for. We expanded our content offerings, shifted, realigned, and found our footing again and again. Ultimately, our growth and resilience are a direct reflection of the reciprocity we share with our clients. Your growth is our growth and vice versa. 

In looking back on this past year, we have continued to be investigative, curious, and focused on learning. We research, we dig deep, and as a full-service marketing company, we can observe our impact on our clients in real-time. We get to see how our work directly impacts your growth as it’s happening. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. 

But above all else, one thing has held true this year: we continue to use our skills and talent to uphold our core values. One issue we are passionate about is that we believe all people deserve access to health care. While we do not have backgrounds in healthcare, what we DO have is the knowledge and tools to get information to the right people, and how to make it compelling, enticing, and user-friendly. We know the power of a smart website and the impact one can have on an organization overall. We were able to use our skills and talents to directly impact healthcare access in several underserved communities in 2022, and for this, we are extremely proud. 

We put so much into the creation and launch of our Smart sites. We know firsthand that a Beautiful, Functional & Responsive SMARTSite immediately earns the respect and attention of potential customers or clients. They find a website that works seamlessly and delivers an effective user experience. But usability, functionality, and responsiveness are even more critical for healthcare websites. A user isn’t looking for a product, they are looking for a doctor or a treatment, and at times, quick and easy access to answers can be life-saving. 

SMARTSites For Healthcare Launched

We developed and launched SMARTSites for three health-related organizations in 2022: Jordan Health in Rochester, NY, Health Stop St. Louis, and OyaGen. Our designers, analysts, developers, and writers worked diligently to improve the usability, usefulness, accessibility, and findability of these SMARTSites, ensuring their targeted audience –members of their communities needing better access to healthcare information– experience just that. We did not stop at the launch of these websites, we continue to maintain and analyze their performance to make sure they work as efficiently and effectively as the day they launched, as well as researching and implementing ways to keep these websites appearing at the top of search results. Here’s a peek into how Site Hub contributed to the success of these websites in 2022:

  • OyaGen is a preclinical drug discovery and development company focused on the identification of novel therapeutic indications for infectious diseases and cancer. Site Hub’s work involved:
    • A site redesign, bringing a new and updated face to their site  
  • Jordan Health is a one-stop shop for healthcare in the city of Rochester, NY, striving to deliver the highest quality of comprehensive medical care to all patients regardless of age, income, and insurance coverage. Site Hub’s work included:
    • Creating a better system for patients to find providers
    • Improving the process used for booking appointments online
    • Making the website ADA compliant 
  • Health Stop St. Louis – sexual health resources in St. Louis, Missouri. Site Hub’s work involved:
    • Creating a new and updated logo 
    • Creating a condom and test/testing site finder to allow website users to find resources quickly

Successful Ad Campaigns

Site Hub is so much more than a web development company. We are a full-service marketing agency and we are constantly on the hunt for government advertising contracts. We put our heart and soul into creating proposals to win some of these projects. One such contract we were particularly thrilled to win in 2022 was a marketing campaign for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yes, you read that right – the CDC

And we far exceeded their expectations. Their success parameters indicated that with a budget of $20,650, they hoped to reach a total of 2,000,000 impressions in their target communities over one year. The Site Hub creative team optimized the budget by creatively marketing the CDC’s information. With localized focus, creative ad placement strategies, effective management of the campaign, and design-oriented presentations, Site Hub was able to generate 3,900,000 impressions and stay within budget. This meant that we exceeded

our goal within one month by 95%.

Success is Earned

It’s no accident that these campaigns and website launches were successes. We constantly study our field of expertise and put to practice the latest techniques to cut through the noise of competition. We know what we’re doing but we stay flexible and curious – we know there is always more to learn and that once we have something figured out, things change. There’s a reason we are a leading marketing agency in Rochester, NY, and that many of our clients have become long-term business partnerships. Because without them, we wouldn’t be here, and without us, maybe they wouldn’t be either. It’s reciprocity, baby.

Self-reflection is something we practice daily – not just with data analytics but in our client interactions, workflows, etc. So as you walk into the early days of 2023, we invite you to look back at your own 2022 experience and use our free downloads to reflect, assess, and create a vision for 2023 and beyond. Use our Brand Inventory download to help you figure out what is and isn’t working for your brand. Then fill out our Brainstorming Worksheet to give you a better understanding of your own brand narrative and what makes your brand special. Ready to explore how Site Hub can make your vision a reality? Reach out and we’ll take it from there.