Advertising Your Small Business Online – Is Now the Right Time?


Right now, is the best time to use online advertising to your advantage. Advertisers have been pulling back on their budgets, which means there’s a ton of unused inventory that’s yours for the taking.

The dip in pricing is partially due to big corporations pulling their ads out of Facebook as part of an advertiser boycott. Facebook gets 99% of its revenue from advertising, so with the big spenders out of the picture, you’re more likely to see a better ROI when using these types of services.

Advertising on Facebook has a lot of advantages — It’s the world’s largest social media platform and uses micro-targeting tools that help you focus on your potential customers. That way, your message gets to the right people who are likely to want your products or services.

There are tons of ways to advertise on Facebook, you can use:

  • Video ads
  • Photo ads
  • Story ads
  • Lead ads


Lead ads are interesting, they are specifically designed for mobile devices in that they can collect contact information from potential customers without them having to type as much. They are most effective when they are asking the user to subscribe to something like a newsletter or to sign up for a contest.

This type of ad is usually pre-loaded with information that’s collected from their profile, so all they have to do is accept the call to action and they’re ready to go.


Story ads are formatted for the full screen on a mobile device so that the viewer doesn’t have to turn the screen to get the full effect. These complement other types of ads on the platform and can help extend the reach of your marketing campaign past the newsfeed. These engaging ads are on the newer side, but more and more people use them every day.


These are the easiest ads to make, publish, and boost, without leaving your Facebook page. They’re great for:

Driving traffic to your website
Making something happen fast
Raising awareness about a new product of service

Photo ads work best when they have a single point of focus, use more imagery than text, and generally show people using your product or service.

Using these as part of a marketing campaign is a great opportunity to experiment with image formats, but it’s important to remember to maintain visual consistency and use high-resolution images.


Video ads are a simple, but powerful option to get your message to your audience. There are tons of ways to use them too:

Take a few images and text, put them together to tell a story and you have a basic video right there!
These are a neat way to use up to 10 videos or images in a single ad, each with an individual link.
In this version, by clicking on the video, it opens up Messenger and gives you the opportunity to directly connect with your customer.

Whether you use video ads in-stream, through the feed or in stories, it’s a great tool to connect with your audience on many levels.


Just like you learned in high school economics class when demand is low, supply is high.

Right now, it’s a buyer’s market for ad space on Facebook and it’s a great time to pull the trigger on a great investment like this.

Site Hub specializes in Facebook advertising and we’d be more than happy to help you make the most out of this opportunity. Leave a comment below or reach out on our contact page if you’d like more details!