How Can Branding Help Your Customers During A Pandemic?


Branding is more than just the name, symbol or logo that identifies a company – it’s the perceived archetype that sets a business apart from its rivals. Not only does it allow your customers to know what to expect from your business, it helps you distinguish yourself by clarifying what your company actually does and why it’s better to do business with you.

Branding Makes Your Business More Valuable:

Good branding helps you generate more business, but a solid, trusted brand can increase your value by giving you an advantage in your industry. Investors and patrons are more likely to trust an established brand over a newer one. Having a solid track record where the public trusts your judgement will make them remember who was on their side in their time of need.

Good Branding Attracts New Customers:

If you are a trusted name in your industry, you’ll get more business from referrals. Great branding results in a positive reputation with consumers, and they’re more likely to do business with you. Once your company becomes a household name, word of mouth advertising will be the best way to generate new business.

Employee Benefit:

Job satisfaction and pride are tied to brand perception. If an employee sees their company as a pillar of their industry, they will work harder to maintain that level of excellence. Knowing their work is contributing to the reputation of their company builds comradely and encourages teamwork. It also creates an atmosphere of belonging and satisfaction.



By shifting your messaging from selling products and services to how your company is dealing with the pandemic, you can help your customers be more aware of proper steps to take to stay healthy and safe. It’s important to stay connected with your base but also let them know that we’re all in this together and that you’re going to be there for them.

Demonstrating that your brand is taking care of its employees is a great way to show that you care about your people. If your business is at the center of the pandemic, customers won’t trust you if you don’t acknowledge the reality of the situation. Even if the pandemic is hitting your industry the hardest, it’s still important to make sure your number one priority is public health and make it clear you’re not putting profit over people.

If the pandemic hasn’t affected your business as much, that’s amazing. It’s not against the rules to make that known, but it’s important to focus on how your company is helping the community as well. Take this time to make your services easier and more available.

If you’re able to, consider promoting a cause, or hiring those that have been laid off due to the pandemic. Be careful and make sure you’re being authentic. Some companies are shifting their production to accommodate face masks and other PPE. Simple actions like this will increase social value and the public will remember that you made a positive impact during a global crisis.

On the other hand, if a brand doesn’t promote public health, there’s a good chance that will come up when deciding which brand to support for the remainder of the pandemic and after. This is a great opportunity to win hearts and minds for long term gains.

Marketing Channels:

The New York Times (
)published an article that used data from two online data providers, SimilarWeb and Apptopia, explaining how consumers have been on the internet much more, since the pandemic started.

While this indicates that more people are online, the studies show they aren’t using their phones as much. This data can help advise brands as they develop a digital approach to building awareness.

Social media sites have seen large numbers of visitors from desktop platforms, so that creates more opportunity for advertising on those services and mediums.

Consider doubling down on social media marketing by taking advantage of Facebook’s multiple options for advertising:

  • Video & Photo ads
  • Slideshow & Carousel ads
  • Canvas ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads

Since customers staying home have been using desktops more than their mobile devices, investing in these ways of advertising will give you a better chance of conversion.

Another thing to consider is that people are looking for pandemic information and updates, they’ve been using local news sites more often than large media organizations.

Think about developing an advertising campaign focused on your immediate community and how your brand is taking steps to keep the public’s best interest in mind.


While the pandemic is forcing a lot of businesses to adapt to a digital model, it’s also creating abundant amounts of transparency into the accountability of brand values for even the most trusted companies. To create or maintain a strong brand, it’s important to first look inwards and make sure your company is doing everything it can to make sure your employees are safe.

Conscientious messaging through the appropriate channels can help your brand foster accountability and confidence.

The way traditional business happens is changing, it’s important to stay current with the different ways being developed to connect with your customers. How your brand acts and positions itself during the pandemic will echo in the marketplace long after it ends.