Bio-Hacking: The Exploration.

Oh yes – it’s a thing, and nootropics are what’s behind it. The idea is pretty simple. Before you drink coffee you feel tired and apathetic to the world. After you drink coffee you are ready to crank through your morning work with a smile. The only difference is the thing in your belly.

Bio-hacking in its most basic form is making decisions about your food intake, environment, posture and whatever else you can easily control to alter your state of mind. The goal is to outperform, over-achieve and feel better while doing it.

Recently I purchased some GoCubes to give this whole Biohacking thing a try. GoCubes are chewable coffee squares. As you may guess, they taste like crap, but they sure as heck do the job. With half the suggested dose I was half-way through this article without realizing and I didn’t even have my cup of joe for the day.

Marketing Thoughts:

After trying a few of these bio-hacking tricks here at the office, I think the real future of this is efficiency. What if your company had their very own set of bio-hacking tricks and tips it pushed out in blog posts and as e-books? That might be content worth sharing!