When to Outsource Your Marketing

Having a robust brand profile is a crucial part of running a business in today’s world. Quality digital marketing can mean the difference between success and failure. If you aren’t getting the results you need, it’s time to make a change.

Marketing is of great importance to the long-term success of your company. It should receive the careful attention and expertise that it requires. Without diligent oversight, marketing efforts can easily fail.

There are many signals that indicate that it’s time to take a new approach. It’s important to look for the following warning signs in your in-house marketing department. Consider the following scenarios. If you recognize your company in one or more of them, it’s time to consider your options.

It’s Time To Make A Change If…

1) You’re Treating Digital Marketing as an Afterthought.

Social media is necessary for any successful branding campaign, and digital marketing management is often a full-time job. When resources at a firm are lean, these efforts may fall by the wayside or just be added on to the regular duties of an employee.

Marketing strategies are at the heart of any successful company, and if your strategies are proving inadequate, you will need to make changes. Many people want to hold onto their internal marketing efforts even after they fall behind and no longer serve the company’s needs.

When you outsource your marketing, you free up your staff to focus on your core business while boosting the attention that your marketing plan receives. Digital marketing requires a lot more time than many people realize, and when you also include the data analytics involved in a successful marketing program, the time requirements are even higher. If you’re not giving it the time or attention it deserves, you need to consider outsourcing your marketing.

2) You’re Not Seeing the Results You Need.

Good digital marketing gets results that are obvious. If you’re not generating the traffic you need, it’s time to reconsider your efforts. Every quarter, you should see your team meeting defined goals with ease. While there are often off-days in a cycle, if your results are consistently underperforming, what you’re doing isn’t working.

3) Your In-house Team Is Overburdened.

If you’ve been in business for a long time, digital marketing may have snuck up on you. Sure, when social media first arrived on the scene, posting now and then in a haphazard fashion was okay. So was having a website that was a glorified phone book listing. Those days are long over.

If your idea of a digital marketing team is breaking up tasks and handing them out to employees you don’t think are too busy, you are setting yourself up for failure. Similarly, if your digital marketing team is running on fumes and is working with a deep product base, they may be spread too thin. When marketing needs are substantial, there is an opportunity to outsource tasks that are time-consuming or tangential to the running of your business.

4) Data Analysis Is Falling Behind.

One of the greatest benefits of a strong digital presence is the wealth of data that is produced. If your team isn’t looking and analyzing this data, it’s a serious missed opportunity. Every campaign should be followed by an in-depth review of the data to see what worked and which aspects require changes.

Knowing your click-through rates and conversion data can help you better serve your clients and improve your outreach to potential customers. Don’t leave this goldmine unexplored or you will be missing out on a lot of actionable intelligence.

5) Campaigns Deadlines Are Missed.

Your annual planning should include a set schedule for the year’s marketing campaigns, including time for analysis before the launch of the next project. If your team is missing deadlines or campaigns are falling by the wayside, it will be difficult for your company to ever reach its full potential. Deadlines should be set in stone as they require a lot of planning and a complex web of actions. If these targets and deadlines are regularly missed, it is often the sign of a larger problem.

Don’t let an overwhelming workload cause your team to fall even further behind. Take the time to honestly assess the quality of your current marketing program and find out the root cause of missed deadlines. Sometimes, you will find that you simply do not have the manpower to achieve the marketing goals you have set. When that happens, it’s time to outsource.

6) Strategic Moves Are Replaced by Reactionary Tasks.

In today’s competitive business world, marketing needs to be laser-like in its focus and intention. It cannot be successfully conducted in a haphazard manner. It’s important to do thorough planning and preparation in marketing just as it is in other aspects of your business.

If your team is simply reacting and operating with a short-term mindset, there is likely trouble ahead. Good marketing strategies are successful because they are well-thought-out. They make sense for your company and the market that you serve. Scattershot, reactionary moves may bring lucky breaks for a little while, but ongoing success requires careful planning.

7) You’re Transitioning From Traditional to Online and Digital Marketing

If you are new to the digital marketing game, it makes sense to start out with a pro team. Building an in-house digital marketing team can be difficult for newcomers who are unfamiliar with the landscape.

Sometimes, when a company attempts to transition from traditional to digital marketing, they end up loading unqualified employees with tasks that they know little about. When you have the opportunity to start fresh, it makes sense to get a strong foundation in place and do things right from the start. Hiring professionals to set your strategy and teach you how to plan ahead will set you on the path to marketing success.


These are just a few of the scenarios that may indicate that it’s time to outsource your marketing. Anytime your web presence is failing to serve your business, it’s time to take a good look at what the problem is. Even with the best services and products, it can be difficult to attain and maintain a high level of sales without successful marketing.

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