The Year That Was 2021 at Site Hub

It is almost impossible to believe, but here we are about to put a wrap on 2021, and it’s as good a time as any to recap the last 12 months or so and to bring you up to speed.

Want to Thrive? Gotta Grow

One of the goals for Site Hub this year was to take our biggest strength and make it even stronger. Since the beginning, the goal of Site Hub was to employ the best talent in the industry. While we have always prided ourselves on utilizing technology and not being tied down by physical distance, the last couple of years has reinforced our beliefs and allowed us to grow our team with little regard for a physical location. We have gradually added more talent throughout the year, and now Site Hub has as many employees as it ever has, 10 as of this printing.

Obviously, hiring people is not a numbers game, we’re not plugging holes. Because of the great work that we’ve done in the past, and our growing network of current, former, and future clients, we have been able to pick and choose among the most qualified applicants, and only those that fit our culture and mission are brought aboard. Our current team checks in from across the country every Monday at 9 AM, for our weekly call to recap a week, plan another and share best practices.

I am never really on a word count, so trust my sincerity here when I say that our greatest strength as a company is the team of individuals that we’ve assembled. They are knowledgeable, dependable, and passionate. They take pride in the work that they do, and are happy to put their name on it. Having a team that knows what to do, does it, AND suggests new and better ways to solve problems is a dream come true. Site Hub has never been a top-down organization, and we have no desire to work with robots who accomplish tasks en route. The collaborative effort that this growing team displayed was truly a difference-maker in 2021.

Do Hard Work, Get Recognized

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has worked with us in any capacity, but I’ll say it: We didn’t get into business because we love attention and bright lights. However, all accolades are graciously accepted, and we have managed to be recognized for our achievements every year. This year was no different, and it is no less humbling. To be even mentioned in the same class and category as the heavy hitters that make up this industry is something we will never get used to, as we still think of ourselves as the hard-working startup who is scratching to earn a place at the table.

This year we earned the Tech Rochester GREAT award for Best in Digital Marketing for the 3rd year in a row. Wow! It is an honor, a surprise, and above all, an award and recognition that is shared by this team. We never have awards in mind while completing our work, and it never gets old to be recognized locally for our hard work. In addition to the local awards that we earned, we may have also broken the glass ceiling on national recognition, earning 4 MarCom awards. These are national awards meant to recognize outstanding effort, achievements, and merit. We were awarded a Platinum and 3 Gold awards at this year’s ceremony. We want to sincerely thank all who voted for us, as well as the committee that nominated us. These are team awards and will be shared by the team. None of this recognition would’ve been possible without their hard work. Bravo, and thanks again.

Not Bad for Government Work

This year we were able to complete the application process to join the ranks of GSA schedule holders. What in the world does this mean? It means that we are able to bid on Contracts for the government and to provide services to them. Whatever you have in your mind about finding government contract opportunities, writing proposals to answer their requests, and bidding on the job can be thrown right out of whatever window or door may be closest to you, as it is probably inaccurate, and certainly incomplete.

While we thought that being approved as qualified government providers would be the arduous part, it was just the beginning. A good chunk of most workdays is spent looking online for opportunities to bid on. There is no shortage of government work, the harder part is finding listings and RFP (requests for proposals) for items that we can provide and excel at. With the amount of time that it takes to locate opportunities, to seek and gain clarification on some of the more obscure aspects of it, and then to write the proposal, we simply can not bid on every opportunity that we come across. By being diligent upfront and only shortlisting those jobs that seem designed for us allows us to go all-in on the proposals, and offer suggestions that many companies simply don’t have the bandwidth for.

Almost a full year in, and we are in a great spot. We have won some contracts and greatly increased our knowledge in this arena. We will start 2022 on a dead run when it comes to government opportunities, and we look forward to many more successful partnerships in the coming years.

It Takes a Village

Much of the previous 2 years have been spent strengthening community bonds here in Rochester. We know our place in this ecosystem, and we pride ourselves on helping our neighbors. While the struggles and setbacks of the pandemic are still being felt, we hope that we played at least a small part in helping local businesses be able to peddle their wares. Whether by integrating online ordering systems on the websites of local businesses, informing business owners of available opportunities for growth, and even by buying from our local community, we try every day to walk the walk.

Although minimal, we hope that our efforts made the day-to-day hustle a little bit easier, less complicated, and or more profitable for our local businesses. Thanks for everything, especially for allowing us to help you help others.

What’s Next?

Hopefully, 2022 brings good luck, good cheer, and good health to all of our clients, neighbors, and anyone else. We’re all in this together, and there is nothing like celebrating a job well done with those that contributed to it and benefited from it.

We will keep on keeping on. We will keep on Truckin’. We will get by. Insert whatever Grateful Dead lyric you find appropriate here. All of our hard work in 2020, 2021, and before would be wasted if we said, “Well, good enough!” With that in mind, we will continue to grow, adding the right team members when it’s appropriate, adding services to our core offerings when they avail themselves to us and make sense. Technology changes daily, and some of the innovations are fleeting. But, we are always looking to the future, and ready to incorporate the latest enhancements, discoveries, and inventions into our suite of products and services.

Thanks to everyone for everything. Have a safe, happy, and healthy Holiday season, and we will be here when you need us, or when you need to be found online.

P.S. Keep an eye out for our new website- Coming soon!