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QuaranQandA is a daily Vlog hosted by Jamie Burrows and is available on Facebook and YouTube. We go live at 3:00pm EST every day! We cover a wide array of topics including:

  • How to setup a remote office
  • Tips for productivity during quarantine
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • SEO
  • The Grateful Dead & whatever else Jamie wants to talk about

We feature experts, friends, and colleagues – so, check us out and give us a holler if you want to join the show! PS: We reward participation with t-shirts and other Site Hub swag, so join live and ask a question!

Current Live Feed
Upcoming Showings

  • Tuesday August 4th @ 3- Matt Wasserlauf is a juggernaut in the advertising and marketing world. Way back when, Matt was the Director of Sales for Since then, he has founded and managed a number of startups, including Broadband Enterprises (BBE), which he chronicled in the book: Start-Up SOLD.

More guests are scheduled and will be posted upon confirmation- Stay tuned!!

Past Showings

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