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Site Hub Live is a Vlog hosted by Jamie Burrows and is available on Facebook and YouTube. We are live at least once a week, and our back episodes are always available! We cover a wide array of topics including:

  • Tips for productivity
  • Marketing tools and tricks
  • SEO
  • The Grateful Dead & whatever else Jamie wants to talk about

We feature experts, friends, and colleagues – so, check us out and give us a holler if you want to join the show! PS: We reward participation with t-shirts and other Site Hub swag, so join live and ask a question!

April’s installment of It’s Your Business is in the works!


March 23rd at 3:30PM EDT   I will be joined by Ben, the creator and host of The History Voyager Podcast! We will talk about how he is advertising the Podcast as well as some interesting and/or unusual folks that he’s met in his journey!  Watch it here or wherever you typically check it out.

Upcoming Showings

“It’s Your Business”

“It’s Your Business,” with special guest Craig Daley.

Join Jamie and Craig on the first Tuesday of the month for a look at a topic that will impact your small business, if it has not already. Craig Daley, the Principal of Portfolio Group, is a 30 year veteran of the business world and a successful entrepreneur. He will answer your questions and provide FREE advice during the show! To find out how to get your questions answered, reach out or tune in!

THURSDAY, February 4th at 3pm– It’s Your Business- Craig and I will be discussing the tricky dichotomy of labor and staffing during this tumultuous time. How do you staff your business when you can’t anticipate how busy you will be?  TUNE IN- CALL IN- SUBMIT A QUESTION FOR CRAIG!

More guests are scheduled and will be posted upon confirmation- Stay tuned!!

Past Showings

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