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QuaranQandA is a daily Vlog hosted by Jamie Burrows and is available on Facebook and YouTube. We go live at 3:00pm EST every day! We cover a wide array of topics including:

  • How to setup a remote office
  • Tips for productivity during quarantine
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • SEO
  • The Grateful Dead & whatever else Jamie wants to talk about

We feature experts, friends, and colleagues – so, check us out and give us a holler if you want to join the show! PS: We reward participation with t-shirts and other Site Hub swag, so join live and ask a question!

Current Live Feed
Upcoming Showings

  • Wednesday June 3 – We will be dark today to finish scheduling for the next week
  • Thursday June 4 @ 3:00 – Bob Crawford has been in the music business for 35 years, and has worn damn near every hat they’ve got! Let’s find out what we’ve missed.
  • Thursday June 4 @ 5:00 *** Special time – Guitar legend John Kadlecik will join us. John and his bandmates in Furthur played a top 3 ever concert while Jamie was in attendance at MSG. The next night was considered by many to be the better show of the two, but, many were wrong. It was still a top 5 show. We will see what John has coming up, and any other questions you may have.
  • Friday June 5 @ 3:00 – Carrie and the team from Live to Give will join us and discuss their charitable mission, as well as recent results.


  • POSTPONED AND BEING RESCHEDULED – Keep on Truckin! Nationally syndicated host of The Grateful Dead Hour and Tales from the Golden Road… (on siriusxm) David Gans will join us. We will talk about his music, the radio show, and everything in between. More fun than a frog in a glass of milk

More guests are scheduled and will be posted upon confirmation- Stay tuned!!

Past Showings

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