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Business Consulting Firm Rochester NY

How can technology change your business?

Workflow Analysis

Good processes ensure great results - every time. Audit, optimize, and document your workflow processes to maximize profits and create long-lasting customer relationships.

New Technologies

Want to explore a new CRM or Automation Tool but not sure where to start? Is Quickbooks right for you? Want to implement geo-fenced time clock for employees? All this and more.

Sales Coaching

Too close to the forest to see the trees? With the right research and exposure, we can consult with you about your sales process to improve close rate and increase profitability.

Lead Nurturing

Do you need help dealing with all those fresh new leads we got you? We can handle that too! We will follow up with calls, emails, texts, and more to close the deal or set that appointment.

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We’ll take care of all the small talk, awkward handshakes, and the paperwork.  Our team will organize a business strategy to direct your marketing tasks and investments into the best channels to grow profits. We have the industry insight to analyze the trouble areas and discover your best potential directions for success.


Business Consulting is a unique way that Site Hub stands out from other boutique agencies. If you’re thinking of bringing in a new tech, or even curious how to optimize a process in your business – invite us in to get a fresh pair of non-bias eyes on the challenge.


As we know, today’s business scenario is very competitive that necessitates quicker response processes. We know that each & every business is unique and instead of asking you to change, we provide effective solutions that will definitely aid your processes without any disruption.


We are dedicated to helping you gain the desired transformation of your business to simplify and optimize. The main objective of our business consulting services to define your present capabilities and point the areas that require improvement. Although we have traveled to meet out of state clients- most of our business consulting happens here in Rochester.


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