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What is a Smart Site

The latest in custom website design and development.

Best of the Web

No one does it better. This is for those who want their site to be the best out there. Crush your competitors with superior design, clean code, and features that'll leave them in the dust.

Search Optimized

To outrank your competitor is to outsell your competitor. With a handcrafted site, you can be sure to please Google. We'll do what it takes to put you in front of new markets.

Marketing Ready

Including landing pages, funnels, sales scripts, triggers, workflows, and other marketing tools needed to convert users into LEADS. We provide everything you need to make your website profitable.


Your website should be your best employee. With the use of marketing automation and AI, your new SMARTSite is capable of automatic follow up with potential buyers and advanced data tracking.

Intuitive Design

Simple design that drives targeted potential customers straight to your website. This is because we will work with you to understand their desires, needs, habits and activities.

Well Connected

Your SMARTSite will pair up with your social media accounts, email platforms, CRM's and whatever else you need because we build it that way. No more disconnected reporting or lackluster results.

User Centric

Using UX design and analytics, we break web stats into actionable data. This can then be used to craft a more powerful and immersive online experience.


We work with you to understand your audience, how best to influence them in your favor, and offer an experience that encourages them to spend their money with you.

Further Defined

Not all websites are created equal. You may have noticed, probably with increasing frustration, that competitors’ sites are appearing higher in a search ranking. You also know that your business is better than theirs in many key areas. Perhaps you’re wishing or wondering how your website can do more than just act as a digital brochure.The answer is SMARTSites. We believe your website should be as effective for your business as your best-performing employees. So –


What is a Smart Site?


SMARTSites work by automating key parts of your business and then working tirelessly to find new prospects and funnel them into your business. We have created a product with great design, effective social media integration, and powerful search engine performance – and we call it, a SMARTSite.


The Smart Sites designed by us are appealing to the eyes. When you make your site with us, you will only get a bespoke one that looks good on all devices. To enhance your business’ traffic and entice customers, we design your site and make it attractive to both Voice assistants and search engines. Site Hub is the leading marketing company in Rochester, NY, and your top solution for developing the best Smart Site.


  • Conversions
  • Quality Score
  • Impressions
  • Page Rank
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Relevancy Score


  • Content Personalization
  • Time Saving Automation
  • Lead Quality Increased
  • Campaign Records Smashed
  • Decreased Sales Cycle
  • Customer Delight

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