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Who We Work With

On other pages, you’ll find valuable information about the creation of superb digital web presences, where our collective of experts work with a wide range of businesses and organizations to meet their needs when communicating with an increasing fluid audience.

We have also gained much knowledge of working in some specific key areas. Here are some scenarios where working with our Site Hub team can be truly effective.

Non-Profit Projects

An effective web presence for a non-profit organization can help deliver a crystal clear description of their key purpose. This can also provide an opportunity to explain the history of the organization, the why and how it was founded. This adds real weight to any later appeal for either donations or voluntary assistance.

Non-Profit’s often thrive from donations. A great website should offer donor optimization and aim to increase your online donations. The site can seamlessly encourage instant involvement, either from potential users of their services, or by those who may help to deliver or fund them.

A website can also be a lively environment, providing details of upcoming events, celebrating those that have just taken place, and offering multiple sources of information and encouragement.

Manufacturing Companies

An effective digital web presence for a manufacturing company may focus on key areas such as lead generation, delivery of detailed product descriptions, and high-quality photography/videography. The use of distributor or store location tools can add the ability to move customer queries quickly to outlying geographical area offices, external partner or wholesale sales operations, or retail outlets. A replacement part ordering service might be required.

Downloadable brochures, photographic or video galleries, product demonstration videos, safety information and training opportunities may all be part of comprehensive information provision. In certain cases, a translation option might be valuable.

Government Organizations

Many of the plus points mentioned for non-profits will also apply, to some degree, to governmental web presences. Obviously, this can also be a hands-on tool, undertake application and other information processes, or simply deliver valuable information to the audience about those areas of people’s lives that interact with that branch of government.

It would be fair to say that, like politicians and officers, the aim should be to make the web presence a ‘servant of the people’. The design should be based on how people wish to access and use the services. The site is likely to be dealing with people at different social, and knowledge levels; we would always prioritize the need for accessibility, usability and simplicity. We know how easily people can be prevented from initiating contact when they should, or in failing to ask for help when it’s due to them.


A web presence can boost and expand business and product awareness, and offer simple and swift selling procedures with constant (24/7) access to the marketplace.

The use of background analytics and instant feedback for evaluation gains valuable customer intelligence, such as an increased understanding of buying habits. Businesses can quickly widen their market reach, or localize it.

You can’t talk about eCommerce without mentining A/B testing. We can test any part of your new site to look for improvements previously untapped.