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Site Hub has teamed up with Smashing The Plateau blog to offer free marketing tips for businesses owners looking to grow in 2019! Below are our custom-built internal resources which we are sharing exclusively to STP listeners! Fill out the form below to be added to a drip to get each one as they come out!

How To Deliver Value (Guided Template)

Unique Value Finder


Access your free guided worksheet to help you better understand and explain your unique value. Use this to develop a better pitch deck, sales call, or just in case you bump into that friend from high school who asks “What are you doing these days?”

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Improve Your Sales Pitch

Root Cause Finder


As discussed on my third tip, the key to being valuable to your clients is understanding their pain and speaking their language. Your pitch should elicit an emotional response and that takes deep understanding. Use this root cause finder to figure out what your customer’s pain points are.

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Marketing ROI Calculator (COMING SOON)