How can SEO help your business grow?

If you want your website to rank and gain exposure with the visitors you’re trying to connect with, it’s important to have excellent SEO. Google’s Search Engine uses specific tools that are constantly updated to make sure users are finding the right sites. A good SEO company like SiteHub can set you up for success by utilizing tools and ideas like visibility, analytics and targeted traffic.

Targeted Traffic

Who are you trying to market your company too? What demographic are you looking to reach?

These are fundamental questions that can help determine who your intended audience is. Having traffic on your site is one thing, but how many of those visits are from potential customers? Once you narrow this down, it becomes easier for you to market yourself.

Targeted Traffic can benefit you immensely:

  • Visitors will value the information you offer. Even if they got there by accident, they could have been interested in something on your site and could spend time reading your posts, which, in turn boosts your SEO.
  • There is a better chance they will bookmark your website – which means they can bypass a search engine and go to your site directly, increasing your traffic.
  • Word of mouth – visitors who have a positive experience are more likely to tell their friends an colleagues which gets more traffic, benefiting your SEO
  • They have a higher chance of spending money. The higher ranked you are, the more trustworthy you seem and since the user is looking for a website like yours, it increases the opportunity for a sale.

Targeted traffic brings in potential customers because they are actively looking for a product or service that you offer.


The visibility of your site use is very important to determining what can be improved when considering SEO. Using this metric determines what percentage of organic clicks a site is getting for a given keyword. It doesn’t take in ALL traffic numbers, only those that position you next to your competitors.

The percentage system used is a bit different than how it was in high school—It’s almost impossible to achieve 100% visibility

In order to do that, it would mean you have a trademark on given features and keywords.

The most achievable visibility percentage is around 35%. Its a realistic number that represents what to expect when you rank #1 for a search term.

5% is pretty much what it sounds like. Odds are you end up at the bottom of the first page or somewhere else on the spectrum.

Using visibility is a great way to test and find out what’s working and what’s not.

It lets you determine what problems you have and why they are happening.
You get an overview of how everything is working overall.
It gets easier to compare your data for individual terms without digging into precise analytics.

Overall, visibility is an important element that helps you see what is working and gives you an opportunity to diagnose areas for improvement.


As with any type of marketing strategy or ongoing campaign, there are highs and lows. Collecting this data is a great way to measure success and failure as your business grows. Analyzing the raw numbers helps you determine what strategies and keywords are working better.

Analytics can demonstrate:

  • Ranking numbers.
  • What is happening.
  • Why it is happening.
  • Ideas on how to improve based on the data.
  • Anticipated outcomes when using the ideas.

Analytics are great ways to collect information that can help you make decisions about strategy and get results.

When you’re looking at hard numbers, there isn’t a lot of room for interpretation and that can enable teams to make quick decisions without worrying too much about opinions, office politics or biases.

If you have an appreciation for statistics and long term focus, analytics can provide a strong, reliable dataset for you to base future choices on.

At Site Hub, we use all these techniques to help increase your SEO and help your website be the best it can possibly be. Another way we do this is by staying ahead of the game. Site Hub is always on the lookout for new ways to improve our services. Search engines are constantly updating and improving — it’s important to stay informed so you can grow with them.

When your SEO is up to date, it sets you up for the highest possible return on investment. While it isn’t a service that actually creates sales, it creates more opportunities for them to happen. In Rochester, SiteHub is the right choice for SEO.

If you’d like more details on what we can do to grow your business and get results, comment below or reach out to us here (contact page)