Entreprenuers Hard Knocks, The Easy Way

Our monthly training series covers the A to Z of starting and growing a successful business.

No Dumb Questions

We’ll start with the basics of formation, ideation, naming, protoyping and testing your business concept.

Getting and Managing Clients

Whether it is your first client or your 10,000th, we’ll help you optimize the client experience without losing your mind!

Growth and Scailing

Now you know what you do and how to work with clients. Next, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about marketing and growing your business to the next level.

Online Reputation

Are your reviews negative (or non-existent)? You might as well just give your money to your competition. Instead of buying from you, potential customers will go somewhere else if you don’t have a solid online reputation.

Legal Issues, Hard Decisions, and Such

Whether you need to fire a staff member, sue a client, or are dealing with other shanangians, we’ll be with you every step of the way to guide you and give your advice.

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Our classes are sold al-la-carte or as a package. Our next one is December 6th at 5:30PM at our offices at 350 East Ave Suite 1 Rochester NY 14604.  If you have any questions before signing up, please contact sean@yoursitehub.com

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