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Getting Started

This project playbook is an early representation of what your new SMARTSite will look like. Our design process includes research, concept generation, and style exploration. For each part of this process, we’ve put together deliverables for your review.

Our research helps inform our early design work and opens up new ideas for us to work with when creating concepts. During our concept generation, we created page layout wireframes that can be iterated based on your feedback. Finally, our style tiles give you a sense of what you’re new site will look and feel like. Once approved, we’ll apply this style direction to the wireframes to create full page design mockups.


Competitor Keyword Research



Key Insights

Website Style

  • Lots of white space
  • Basic layouts with simple text and image integration


  • Product-focused, often floating with white backgrounds
  • Manufacturing processes

Common Features

  • Mega menu
  • Instant chat window
  • Newsletter subscription form


  • Competitors were split between using basic contact forms, or a lengthy request for quote requiring multiple fields of information.



Stand Out

Using bold colors and imagery, unique layouts, and interactive elements will help Advanced Motion Systems stand out among the competition.  Inventive page styling can promote the company as forward-thinking and innovative, and encourage lower bounce rates, and longer visitor sessions.


Engaging hover effects and micro-interactions should be implemented to stimulate click-throughs and page navigation.


Clean layout and optimized fields will encourage better user experience and higher conversions.  Placement of forms and the number of clicks to get to a form should also be considered to improve page interactions.  

The event sign-up process on the current Advanced Motion Systems website should be simplified on the new site to support higher conversions.



Industry Pages

Create industry pages to increase search result rankings for corresponding industry keywords.  Creating blogs, under more specific industry categories, can funnel additional traffic to these pages and the overall site.

Industry pages display your company as an authority on experience in those particular niches. Including case studies and testimonials will further boost a potential client’s confidence in the company’s work.

These industry pages could also act as landing pages for future ad campaigns targeting more specific industries.  



Instant Chat

Use email capture to initiate a chat.  Have chat conversation directed towards a company associate that is able to answer emails within a short turn around.  If the associate is not able to respond instantly, you will have the visitor’s email stored to provide a timely response.

Mega Menu

Mega menus provide more organization to the navigation on your site.  It’s also a great space to display promotions, upcoming events, or new products without altering the layout of your homepage.

Gated Content

Include an email capture on downloadables or video libraries before visitor access.

Subscription for Updates

A visitor fills out the form to receive updates on blogs, gain access to the resources library, or receive the newsletter.



Sales Copy

Content should be engaging and appeal more personally to a potential client’s work, rather than focus on informative explanations of products or services.  A visitor should be able to quickly understand the benefits of automation and its opportunities for ROI. The content should also express a painless project process, and that Advanced Motion Systems has services to support a potential new client through an automation transition.

QuickBooks Integration

Your Version of QuickBooks:

Quickbooks Desktop Manufacturing and Wholesale 2018

Needs to Sync With:

WooCommerce & WordPress

Our Solution:

MyWorks Software – WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Desktop

Description: Provides users with a real-time, secure, and reliable way to sync data to and from QuickBooks Desktop – all right from within your WordPress Admin! It’s installed right into your WordPress Admin, allowing you to connect your store to QuickBooks in just a few clicks.


Integration syncs:
• Customers
• Orders
• Payments
• Products
• Inventory
• Variations & Bundles

… and more!


This software gives you extensive control over what is synced, and when it’s synced. f you prefer controlling everything that is synced over, there’s manual push and pull options, where you can select the data that you’d like synced to QuickBooks!

The integration features:
• Automatic sync between WooCommerce and QuickBooks
• Sync customers, orders, payments, inventory, products, variations and more
• Orders can be synced as Invoices, Sales Orders or Sales Receipts
• Complete control over mapping data – manual or automatic
• Ability to push historical data to QBD
• Extensive settings to control how your data syncs

Pricing:  The pricing terms are quite simple. MyWorks doesn’t limit your syncing or charge you in tiers. Their monthly license is $79/month, and their yearly license is $69/month. The only difference is when you’re billed.


They do offer a free 14-day trial for you to test the integration without committing to us.


We can also schedule a demo call with the MyWorks Software team to better learn the product.

Style Exploration

Sitemap & List of Pages

Full List of Pages:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Solutions
  • Products & Services
  • How It Works
  • Who We Work With
  • Industries
  • Training & Support
  • News (blog)
  • Resources
  • Contact

Additional Page Templates:

  • Blog posts under Blog

Wireframes & Page Concepts

Feedback & Approval

Fill out the form and leave any feedback you might have.

Select “Approved” for each section you approve. Select “Needs Work” to display the paragraph field and enter any feedback you have.

Click next to go through each section.

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions or additional feedback.

Next Steps

Moving Forward

If there’s any feedback, we’ll work through our iterations internally before presenting you with updates for approval.

If everything looks good and we’ve received all the necessary approvals, we’ll begin our next design phase which includes UI Design and Interactive Strategy.

From there, we’ll continue to refine our page designs based on any feedback and get ready for development. Once development begins, we’ll keep you updated with a site development link and connect on any major updates.

Next Steps

  • Approvals
  • Page design mockups
  • Interactive strategy
  • Start Development

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