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Next Generation Services

Break through the noise with the latest marketing solutions

Snapchat Filters

Place your brand on the faces of your followers...literally. With Snap filters you can engage your mobile audience in ways your brand has never before done. 160mm+ daily users, it's a no-brainer.


Hyper-local targeting to mobile devices. Make use of GPS-based technology to create a digital perimeter around your location, and then to effectively market to potential customers within that space.


With the latest technology, we can enable you to personalize nearly every experience potential clients have with your brand. If you don't talk to your customers directly, someone else will.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With a projected 75 billion connected devices by 2020, this is an area your brand can't afford to miss out on. How does your product or service work with Google Home or Alexa?

What You Say?

Ignoring the Internet is no longer an option. Like you, we fully appreciate that if you stand still, you lose.  Over the last five years, we’ve studied key technologies and trends to help our best clients advance above the rest.


Next-Gen services are a premium collection of offerings that are designed for those ready to jump off the cutting edge. Naysayers and those afraid of change are unwelcome here. The best part of leveraging the latest services is it is likely your competition isn’t here yet. Keep your business two steps ahead of your competitors, and yet utterly in tune with your audience’s changing needs and behaviors.


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  • New Market Penetration
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  • Successful Product Launches
  • Campaign Records Smashed
  • Brand Recognition Increased
  • Customer Delight