4 Things to Know About Digital Marketing in 2017

With a new year comes new technologies, tactics and channels for digital marketing companies and their teams to learn. It’s important for companies to stay current with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. For marketing and digital companies to ensure their teams are prioritizing the right skills, we have put together the following list.

These skills are crucial for marketing results in 2017:

Data Analysis

Two words … quantifiable metrics. With big data taking a prescience in the way digital experiences work, marketing teams no longer have a choice but to analyze data. Knowing how to track and analyze data into readable insights for clients and internal teams is the best way to obtain marketing and digital results.

These skills create effective and targeted marketing campaigns that result in enhanced personas, improved site customization, increases in search rankings, and overall better digital performance.

Organic Search

SEO is still as important today as it was 5 years ago. Things are changing in 2017 as search engines become smarter and updated with algorithms for more enhanced results.

To get your products and services to rank high in results and create more customers, you must have the knowledge and skill it takes to grow organic search. Knowing what’s coming and having up-to-date SEO strategies will be important in the coming year for businesses that want to increase web traffic.

Marketing Automation Tools

Tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Hootsuite, and Salesforce are now common among businesses of varying types. These businesses will rely more heavily on these and other automation tools to achieve results and drive marketing plans. Digital marketing teams will need to know how to use these tools and how to optimize them for success for their clients. These tools can also save your own company time and money.

Content Marketing

Creating high-quality subject-specific content focused on your target audience is vital to growing your digital presence. By creating an experience for your customers and giving them content they want, you will bridge a gap between your company and the customer that hopefully results in a lead, sale or conversion. Fresh and rich content can also help boost your organic SEO, while keeping your website and online presence ‘alive’ for your customers to interact with.

When it comes time to making sure your marketing skills are up to date, make sure you keep in mind the list above. These skills will be important as the internet and digital world continue to grow outside the landscape we have been used to for so long.

For ideas about how our team can use these skills to help you, send us a message.