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In an effort to help streamline our workflow, Site Hub requires an approval on the submitted website design. Before signing, please review the site design and make note of any changes that should be addressed before approval.

Some notable factors to take into consideration before approving a design are as follows:

  • Font choices/sizes
  • Color selection
  • Navigation placement
  • Information Hierarchy (order of content on page)
  • Current copy (this can always be changed)
  • Overall page layout
  • Image selection (if applicable)
  • Visual design elements (buttons, icons, graphics, illustrations, etc)

After this document is signed, any changes to the approved site design will fall outside of the original contract and will be billed at the rate of $120 per hour.


An authorized submission below indicates the approval of this design and the agreement of the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

  • I Agree

    By selecting this checkbox you agree that the designs sent to you (referenced above) are approved and final.

    You understand that additional changes to the design after this phase will result in additional charges.

    Please confirm you want to move forward as is. If not, please contact your account manager or call (585) 300-4640 to speak with someone about design changes.

Thank you for creating with Site Hub

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